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March 14th – 15th, 2015
Location: Michigan State University
4 Game Guarantee for $395 per team

The Spartan Showcase is one of the top youth basketball events in the Midwest area.  We have been sold out for the past 4 years with over 150 teams in attendance for the 2 day event.  We had teams from 5 different states giving you an opportunity to play teams from different areas.  All 4th thru 8th grade teams will play all games on campus and in local gyms . We are also known for the best awards as each player from the first place team in Green division will receive a glass statue.You are guaranteed 4 games for $395. We will have different divisions for tournament play as this gives teams a way to make sure they get an opportunity to play teams of their caliber. Games will begin Saturday morning at 8am.  Registration will end February 15th, 2015. We sold out early last year so I would suggest you register asap.

If you have any further questions you can contact:

  • Monty Myles
  • 517-719-8630

Tournament Registration

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Gym Location // Girls

IM West: Court 1-7 IM East: Court 8-11

Aim High Sports ( 12-16) 7977 Centerline Drive Dimondale, Mi  48820

Hotels // March 14th-15th, 2015

Hotels for Spartan Showcase


2015 Registered Teams

Girls Spartan Showcase Rules

  1. Have Fun and Good Luck.
  2. Each team Must provide a score/clock keeper.
  3. 3rd-6th grade are 12 minute stopped clock halves.  7th & 8th grade are 14 minute stopped clock halves.
  4. Each team gets 3 timeouts per game and 1 additional if overtime.
  5. If a team is up by 25 in second half the clock will run. If score get to 20 then clock stops again.
  6. Teams can press until they get up by 20 then please take it off.
  7. Free Throws will be played on the rim.
  8. All Players will receive 5 personal fouls.
  9. All free throws are 1 & 1 unless it is a shooting foul bonus starts. On the 7th foul (there is no double bonus)
  10. Halftime is 3 minutes in length.
  11. You will get between 3 & 5 minutes to warm up before each game.
  12. 2 technical fouls will result in being removed from the bench for the rest of that game only.
  13. Overtime will consist of 2 minutes running time, 2 ot will consist of 1 minute running time 3rd ot is sudden death with a bucket no foul shots.
  14. If there is any disputes the site supervisor will make all final decisions (but we know there won’t be any right coaches).
  15. First team list is away team and must wear dark uniform.
  16. Team on top of Bracket is away and must wear dark uniform.
  17. To determine pool seedings we will us e the following: 1) head to head 2) plus or minus 15 3) total points scored
  18. If will fall behind (which we should not) more than 30 minutes we will move to 20 minute running clock halves stopping last 2 minutes to get caught back up if we hustle  we should not have to do this , so please be at your game on time.