1 (517) 719-8630 // super64bball2@yahoo.com

March 12th-13th, 2016

Location: Michigan State University

4 Game Guarantee for $425 per team

Spartan Showcase

The Spartan Showcase is one of the top youth basketball events in the Midwest area. We have been sold out for the past 5 years with over 200 teams in attendance for the 2 day event. We’ve had teams from at least 8-10 different states giving you an opportunity to play teams from different areas. All 2nd thru 6th grade teams will play all games on MSU’s campus, 7th and 8th grade teams will play in local gyms due to NCAA recruiting rules. We are also known for the best awards as each player from the first place team in Green division will receive a glass statue. You are guaranteed 4 games for $425. We will have different divisions for tournament play as this gives teams a way to make sure they get an opportunity to play teams of their caliber. Games will begin Saturday morning at 8am. Registration will end February 8th, 2016. We sold out early last year so I would suggest you register ASAP.

If you register and pay before January 5th the cost will be $375.

If you have any further questions you can contact:

  • Monty Myles
  • 517-719-8630


7th Grade Girls Spartan Showcase Green Pool Teams

7th Grade Girls Spartan Showcase White Pool Teams

8th Grade Girls Spartan Showcase Green Pool Teams

8th Grade Girls Spartan Showcase White Pool Teams




Tournament Registration

Boys tournaments is currently sold out! We may be able to take more teams so you will be put on a waiting list at this time. Please send email to super64bball2@yahoo.com if you want in.

Click here to register your team

2016 Spartan Showcase Rules

2016 Spartan Showcase Rules(Boys)

2016 Spartan Showcase Rules(Girls)

Hotels // March 12th – 13th, 2016

MCABC has a “Stay to Play” policy for all tournaments. This requires all participants (teams and guests) in need of hotel accommodations must make their reservations through TBD Travel Services. This is a complimentary service and makes securing your rooms quick and easy. It is required that teams book their housing through this service to ensure placement in this tournament.

Team and individual reservations can be made online or by phone, as follows:

TBD Travel Services 515.207.4910 Toll Free – 855-TEAMTVL

Email: teams@TBDtravelservices.com




Spartan Showcase Notes

• We are looking to have a great event with a record high of 150 Girls teams!
• Please be respectful and considerate to all the gate workers as they are here to try and help you have a good time and assist with all questions.
• Spectator Entry Fee for the tournament:(this will get you into all sites and games for the entire weekend)
Adult Day Pass $15
Adult Weekend Pass $20
Kid Day Pass $7
Kids Weekend Pass $10
• The seating in some of the facilities is very limited, therefore we suggest all spectators bring a chair to sit in at different venues.
• We will keep the website updated throughout the tournament so please refer to it if you have questions about game times.
• Coaches, please make sure you double check scores and team names on score sheets before the game is over.
• This year we have some questions about teams cheating. We are trying to have trust in the coaches to have integrity when it comes to playing in basketball tournaments. If a player has not been approved, then he or she would be considered ineligible to participate. Please make sure you have a birth certificate and report card for kids in question. You are able to challenge a player’s ability to play for a cost of $100, which will be refunded if the coach is not able to prove he or she is eligible. The team in question may also forfeit all remaining tournament games making them ineligible for any placement of awards.
• Lets have a great time and thank you for attending!



2016 Registered Teams(Girls)

3rd Grade

4th Grade

  • CCE
  • Michigan Cagers
  • Saginaw Triple Threat
  • North Oak Wolfpack
  • Always 100
  • Legacy 2024
  • Hartland Eagles
  • Michigan Fastbreak
5th Grade

  • Sky Diggs Lady Soldiers
  • Legacy 2023
  • CCE 1
  • CCE – 2
  • Huron Lakers Atom Girls
  • Michigan Fastbreak Bender
  • Rockford
  • EUP Elite
  • North Oak Wolfpack
  • Michigan Fastbreak Matt
  • Saginaw Triple Threat – 1
  • Saginaw Triple Threat – 2
  • York North Avengers
  • Tri City Nets
  • Michigan Finest
  • Lady Jackets
  • Midland MBA Lightning
  • Region Rebels
  • Greenville
6th Grade

  • Sky Diggs Lady Soldiers
  • IND MBA Select
  • S3 Elite
  • Legacy -1
  • Legacy – 2
  • CCE – 1
  • CCE – 2
  • Michigan Fastbreak
  • Team Basketball
  • Common Bond 1
  • Common Bond 2
  • Lady Jets
  • MBA Fury 1
  • MBA Fury 2
  • Michigan Crossover
  • Tri City Nets
  • Tri City Nets – 2
  • Michigan Finest – 1
  • Michigan Finest – 2
  • Michigan Finest – 3
  • Huron Hurricanes
  • Championship Sports
  • Hartland Eagles
  • Netters
  • Legacy Kentucky – 1
  • Legacy Kentucky – 2
  • Flushing OLV
  • The Lady Flames

7th Grade

  • Sky Diggs Lady Soldiers
  • MBA Select (IN)
  • Legacy – 1
  • Legacy – 2
  • CCE – 1
  • CCE – 2
  • Team Basketball – 1
  • Team Basketball – 2
  • Flushing Elite
  • Huron Lakers
  • Hoosier Premier
  • MBSA Hoyas
  • Michigan Monarchs
  • Team Swish
  • CM Hornets
  • Michigan Fastbreak Matt
  • Saginaw Triple Threat
  • Michigan Fastbreak Jeff
  • Elite Nation
  • Delta Force
  • Jackson Jets
  • S3 Elite
  • Midland MBA Rey
  • MBA Fury – 1
  • MBA Fury – 2
  • Caledon Cougars
  • Midwest Finest
  • Tri City Nets – 1
  • Tri City Nets – 2
  • Michigan Finest
  • Flat Rock
  • West Michigan Drive
  • Haslett
  • Championship Sports
  • Defenders
  • Grassroots Elite Canada
8th Grade

  • Sky Diggs Lady Soldiers
  • MBA Select
  • CCE – 1
  • CCE – 2
  • CCE – 3
  • Michigan Fastbreak Isles
  • Mid Michigan Psych
  • Hoosier Premier
  • Team Swish
  • Legends North
  • North Oakland Wolfpack
  • Mi Storm Metro Detroit
  • Michigan Monarchs
  • MBA Fury
  • Michigan Crossover – 1
  • Michigan Crossover – 2
  • Michigan Fastbreak Parks
  • Toronto Triple Threat
  • Tri City Nets
  • Michigan Finest – 1
  • Michigan Finest – 2
  • Michigan Elite North
  • Flat Rock
  • West Michigan Drive
  • Tri City Elite
  • Michigan Triple Threat




Gym Locations(Girls)

Michigan State University Intramural • Courts 1-7 Sports & Rec Facilities 201 IM West East Lansing, MI 48824

Michigan State University Intramural • Courts 8-11 Sports & Rec Facilities IM East East Lansing, MI 48824

Aim High Sports • Courts 12-16 7977 Centerline Dr. Dimondale, MI 48821

Portland High School • Courts 17 – 19 Saturday Only. 1100 Ionia Rd Portland, MI 48875

Court One Training Facility • Courts 20 Saturday Only. 7868 Old M-78 Haslett MI, 48840




2015 Spartan Showcase Champions!


2015 Spartan Showcase Runner-Up!




Interviews from Spartan Showcase Girls Weekend





Spartan Showcase Weekend Photoshoot

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